The Bear, the Coyote, and the Skunk

by Jeannette Howlingcrane

Nthhta'haovtse.    Nhkohe staamenheohts'tanoho meo'o. 
I'll tell you a story. A bear  was following           a path.

Hp'e   nhhe 'khome mhnhnheohts'thhe.   Nhe'e 
Likewise there   a coyote was coming  following it. Then   

sto'e'vhtshoono. Nhkohe  statshethoono 'khomeho,
they met.             The bear said to          the coyote, 

"N'hhnstse! H'the  nameo'o," xhethoono. "Hov'hne, 
"Move aside!   This (is)my path," he told him. "No,    

hp'e   no'hhnstse! H'the   nameo'o," xhetaehoono. 
likewise move aside!   This (is) my path," he told him.

Tsxhe'eo'evothtsvse xhe'kem'hnhoo'o xao'o.   "Hhtome! 
While they were arguing    slowly appeared     a skunk. "Scram! 

H'the   nameo'o," xhethoono.  xhe'kenma'evonhnhoo'o.   
This (is) my path," he told them. He slowly turned around. 

xhe'khehoshnhoo'o.  Tshvomovse     stanhe'nvo'hotshoono. 
He slowly went backwards. When they saw him they both scattered off. 

ssanha'omhesesto          tsa'e    tsheeaseta'xvse. 
They were not caught sight of  wherever  they ran off.

This story was first published in the book Cheyenne Texts: An Introduction to Cheyenne Literature, copyright 1980, used here by permission.

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