Cheyenne initials

Cheyenne initials are the first building block of a Cheyenne verb stem. They cannot stand alone, by themselves. Instead, they must connect to other building blocks of verbs, such as the pronominal prefixes and finals, before a verb word is complete. See the page about Cheyenne verbs to read more about how the verbs are built. Following is a list of some of the most common Cheyenne initials:

'(k)av- droop
han- extreme
v- fall over
a'e'- separate (be)
a'en'n- dark
a'k- round
a'kn- squat
a't-/a's- accidentally
ae'ta'- face
estom- false
ahko'- roll
ahto('h)- under
am- along
ames(t)- crosswise
an- down
ane'k- prick
ase(t)- away/start
axe- scratch
'(k)om- oily
'- break
m(ooht)- secretly
n- end
st- into
stov- blow
-/x- already/finish
kos- pointed
v- about
xov- warm
e'(k)os- turn over
e'- up
e's- dress
e't-/e's- fear
e'xov- peel
h- much
ha'es(t)- long
hahk- small (very)
hahp- large
hestoh-/hestox- many
hhan- approach
hmoht- erect camp
hnoht-/hnos- back (head posture)
hvesv- bad
hah- rub
hahp- fasten
h'hv- suck
h'he(k)- wrinkled
hesev- boil
hhnov- patient
hhpoh- frighten
hne'h- stiff
hstov- both sides
hk- nick
hvoe- wring
he'am- up/above
he'an- easy
he'e(n)- spare
he'hem- sprinkled
he'k(e)- soft
he'k- pierce
he'kov- wet
he'kon- hard
he'kot- quiet
he'n- separate
he'xv- degree
heam- side
hehp- beyond
hem- excessive
hev- yellow
hes- ridge
hes(e)- cramp
hes'x- slippery
hest- take
hest- wound
hestx- last/behind
hesto'to(n)- braid
hestoe- stranger
hestom- hinder
hekv- thorny
het-/he- thus
hetm- true/correct
hettae- joyful
hetsev- spiteful
h'ham- hillside
h'os-/h'oht- against (lean)
h'tah- defeat
h'tov- extinguish
h'x- accustomed to
he't- back/behind
he- out
hhee- swaddle/wrap
hhp- melt
hm- disembark
hmest- escape
hna'(ov)- add
hn(')- pile
hoht-/ho'- home
hom- shelter/protect
hsoet- barefoot
htoan- difficult
htox- crisscross
htse- fail
hvoht-/hvos- store
hx-/hht- around (tie)
hxe'- clean
hxov- across
ho'- arrive
ho'- raw
ho'x- last/at end
ho'oeh-/ho'oes- cook
ho'sehp- rare/not done
ho'sot- dirty
ho'tov- loose
ho'xes(t)- belong
ho'xo'- against (press)
hoht- laugh
hoham- prefer
hohk's- purple
hohp- sweat
hohpo'- gather
homs-/homht- show feelings
homhe- noisy
hont- subside
hon- roast/bake
ho'h- overheard
ho'sot- unskilled
hon- shut
hoon- restrain/forbid
hos- backwards
hosotm- rest
hotm- turn around
hotax- reveal/uncover
hoto'- kind
hovo'(k)- shade
hovo'e- envelope/surround
hox- rotten
hoxo'ohtsv- green
ks- short
khan- tired
khko(n)- thin
ka'- short
k'kon- peck/knock
ke(n)- hit (with something)
koom- still
m't-/m's- exhaust complete finish
mse- welcome/happy
mx- punish
mhe(t)- all
mhov- tired of
ma'(k)- red
ma'(k)es(t)- forward
ma'haa'- big
ma'hen- sacred/medicine
mamahk- curly
mame- rub
man- make
mano'- together
matse- infected/pus
max- touch
m'- appear
m'-/m'h- hairy
m'tom- submit
mmes(t)- defecate
mn- dig
mnohk- show off
me'to'- exchange
mhe- gather
mht- move
mn- new
mo'(k)oht(v)- black
mo'hkon- dried hard
mo'on- beautiful
momta'- mean/angry
momh- lumpy/curdle
momno'- bunched
momnov- rugged
momse- sort
momo'- noisy
momoto- uncomfortable
mos(k)an- brown
mox- brush
n'som- wither/stale
nno't-/nno's- supreme/best
nha'- catch
nhah- wild
nhahk- energetic
nhest- avoid/forbid
nae- numb
nanvesv- clear/transparent
n't-/n's- extract/doff
nham- sneak up
nhov- stand/arise
nm- slant (cf. twisted)
nma'- circular/revolve
nn- suck/nurse
ns-/n- two
nke'- perked
nthv- different
ntov- common (in)
nv- four
nh(e)- wipe
nhet-/nhe- that (anaph.) way
ne'ev- mark/guide
nehp- cover/obstruct
nenv- shortly
ne'k- tight fit
nes-/ne- heat/hot
nee'(h)- wash
neev- rapid
nekov- striped
neta'- stake claim
netoe- itch
nexahp- dull
nexo'- raw
nexoht- cute
n'es(t)- over
n'oes- hide
n'tom- first of
nht- approach
nm- wind (go with)
non- dried up/brown
ntov- stray
nv- slow/late
no'- include
no'h- aside
no'k- one/alone
nohtv- know how
nohtse- look for
nomon- drowsy
nonoht- deliberate
non'k- smeared/streaked
nontse'om- tame
nontov- hurry
nonom- quiver
non- brown (faded)
nooht- omit
'- dry
'oht-/'os- mistake
'x- split/half
nest- open
ne- pain
o'e'ot- agitated
ov- shake
v- cowardly
o'a'- sharp
o'ha'- miss
o'hm- scarce
o'om- bypass
o'otm- full
o'tov- stumble/uncoordinat.
ohnov- patient
ov- scabby
oes- discharge
ohas- shine
omm- cry/tear
on'xov- peel (thin surface)
on(st)- test
onha'- untie
onm- twisted
onne- break/damage
onsova- apart
onstahk- round/circular
one'sem- true/real
on- ashore
ono'- proper
onons(t)- confused
ononov- confused
oo'(k)- bare
oo'h- examine
ot'tav- blue
ota- pierce through
ot'xov- skill
otos(t)- strange
ov- prostrate
ov'k- round (formed)
ovna'xa- peace
ovne'- stab
ovv- magical
oxes(t)- side/other way
phv- good
pho(n)- stuck to
pa'(k)- lump/knob/hump
pahpon- flat on top
pano'- spread on
p(n)- grind
php- loose/shaggy
phv- good
pe'pe'- rough/troubled
p'(k)- gray
p'- explode/pop
p(n)- hit/slap/pop
ph- swell
pnoma'- uncovered
po'- off of
pop'- rough
s'- into/center
s'a'- water (into)
s'h-/'- awake
s'ho'- stake in
s'se(n)- scrape
s(hp)- stretch
set- same
sno'- into (go into brush)
st-/s- remain
stov- middle
shkom- slender
shp- through
sn- through
sv- diminish
()-/(x)- free
noovn- strain/filter
th-/tx- top (on)
ttse- antagonize
tv- goofy
ta'- disappear
ta'om- way (be in)
ta'ov- angry
ta'p- weak
ta'ta'- open/unlock
taevh- measure
tahpe'- big
tam- stubby
t'es(t)- long
t'h- stop
t'hov- between
t'kes(t)- short
t'om- steady/firm
t'ov- for good
t(n)ov- thick
thp- poke
thto(n)- flat
thtom- aimless
tnet-/tne- how?
toxe'- copy
tt(e)- open eyes
tv- stubborn
tva- imitate/pattern
tx- edge/around
thov- gap (cf. slit)
to(n)- cold
tost- string (e.g. bead)
toe(n)- hold
tohkom- few
tomoht-/tomos- raise
toox- low
tov'k- slit (cf. gap)
ts^H[eo'- sprawl
tsva(n)- dusty
tshs(t)- cheyenne
tshe'es(t)- long
tshe'kes(t)- short
tshet-/tshe- this (cataph.) way
teke'- small
v'oht-/v'os- complete
v'h- contain
v'ke- sweet
v'ohk- bitter/sting/pain
v's- rapid
vhon- chiefly
vhp- empty/hollow
vn- disagreeable/cross
vs(t)- with
ve'ev- concave
v'(k)om- white
v'ho'- light/shine
v'n- light
v(hp)- light (color)
vee- rejoice
vhk- bend
vho'oes- discard
vhpon- strict
von- night (all)
vs- hole/depression
vvo'k- naked
von- remove
von- lift
vov- placate
vovh- scarred
vov'h- spotted (white)
vov- first/ahead
vovn- incapable/surrender
x'xn- massage
xanov- straight
xo'- salve (put on)
xo'xon- dent
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