Look and Listen

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Learning any language requires many hours of looking and listening, repeating words, and having your pronunciations corrected by your language teachers until you say the words right. You can learn a language by listening to your language teachers talk about things around you as you experience life together and repeat what they say. In time, you will begin to understand what is being said as your brain automatically connects what is being said to what you are experiencing.

Everybody learns a language as a child. Their language teacher is usually a parent or some other caregiver. If you are learning Cheyenne later in life, try to find a language teacher who will speak Cheyenne to you during your lessons.


This is a Look and Listen Cheyenne Dictionary. There are groups of pictures with words pronounced in Cheyenne.

You cannot learn a language just by memorizing lists of words. You cannot learn a language just by reading or writing it. You cannot learn to converse in Cheyenne just by using this Look and Listen dictionary. But this Look and Listen Cheyenne Dictionary can help you learn a few words without a language teacher and it can help you review words you learn from your language teacher.

Come back again as more words are added.