Some Cheyenne sayings

Nev'esstse tstotxem'stse: Someone must be talking about me (said when you sneeze).
's'e vno'hohktse: I'm going to get some tripe (said someone hiccups).
Hevohe ntxe'h'tova: The devil is hanging over you (= you are in a bad mood).
ho'eoh't'e havsvevhanheho: The mad drummer came to him (= he's angry).
Nmv'e: The ate me (= they gossiped about me).
Oonh'e mxhevesevtse: When frogs have teeth ( = never, since frogs will never grow teeth).
taomhtsenhtvenestse nephponneehhame: Your tapework can almost talk by itself (= your stomach is growling).
V'keme hestse'emo mne'vhshmstoehevhe; mvhsho'ooh'tovhevhe: Old Man Winter's wife must have taken off on him again; he's taking her back home (north) again (said when there is a spring snowstorm or squalls).
Nno'ee'ha'ontse vhe: I put on my shoes with the morning star (= I got up early).
Hesevvn'e a'e hestonovn'e: Wow, it's like a drymeant rack! (humorous expression for something really amazing).
Nto'semhto ho'hon'e: I'm going to swallow a rock (= be stubborn).
Naa mhe vo'stane v'keemahpe nxo'oma''haehe? Did someone put candy in your mouth? (= pacify you so you quit talking in a feisty way).
Nev'sesto h'hma h'tovvoovxevaen'e: Maybe somebody doused him with water (= he has quieted down from previously having been "on fire," full of ideas).
Mstavoo'xnhe: Boogeman Big Nose! (Meadowlarks say this to mock you)

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