I'm Beading Moccasins

by Jeannette Howlingcrane

1. Tsxho'hneto noxa'hone.
   When you came I was beading.

2. Mo'khantse nmanstsentse.
   Moccasins, I was making them.

3. A'e  nhtaxanantse.
   Soon I'll finish them.

4. H'the mo'khantse nmanstothahtsentse.
   These   moccasins    I'm making them for myself.

5. Nto'setaomhemo'khanentse,
   They are gong to be my own moccasins,

6. naa mto hva vo'stane mxho'estse        nhtanhohtvanse.
   or            someone   if he wants (them), I'll sell them.

7. Mome'hhaoemenstse.
   They surely won't be expensive.

8. ohkev'nemhththenoemenstse.
   They just cost ten (dollars).

This story was first published in the book Cheyenne Texts: An Introduction to Cheyenne Literature, copyright 1980, used here by permission.

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