teeth.htm Protruding Teeth

Protruding Teeth

by Ted Risingsun

     naa tse'tohe nto'shshsmo hotoo V'honenhe mxheevhehhe //.  
     And I'm gonna tell (another story, this one) about Protruding Teeth, that

ohkhesthe nhe hhta'heo'o V'honenhe //.
was his name.  This story is called Vo'honenehe.

     tse'tohe V'honenhe mx-hetoo-hestovootshhe ho'e //.  naa 
     This Vo'honenehe had the earth for his ears.  And 

tsstav'nhehestovootsse /, netao'o hov'he m'htemhensthhe //.  
because he had the earth for his ears, he heard everything.

m'hkeeahtse'mhehne'enhhe tsa'e htsetneto'emanstovetsee'stse / naa 
He would already know everything wherever plans were being made, and 

m'hk-hetoo-eahtse'hne'enhhe heva ksovahe hto's-hoto-asta'vasstse 
he would already know whenever a young man was going to take a wife.

//.  htaxo'emanstovetsee'stse nhhe hto's-hotoo-, "nhe'xvva 
When plans had been made there, "At a certain time 

nhtsenxho'hne naa, naa nxhva'xeo'o naa nstaaseneohtsmne," 
I will come and, and we will both leave together,"

htavheto'emanstovetsee'stse hne m'hkeeahtse'eovhne'enhhe //.  
all the plans that were made he would already know all about it.

"nhe'xvva nhtho'hne, nhths-," mstaohkeeahtse'voveho'eohehhe 
"I'll be there at a certain time, I'll ___," (Vo') would arrive there first

nhhe htaxo'emanstovetsee'stse //.  n-kse'he 
wherever those plans had been made.  Whenever that girl

mhne'hkeosanhovhva'xhhe // 'hkeameehoo'o 'hthvo'eehoo'o // 
came out (unsuspecting) he'd be standing there with his blanket on (wrapped 

hn'hva'xtsesstse staohtease- -aseohtshoo'o hne'hteash'e'ehoono 
around).  After they would come out he would start to leave and then she would

nhe nhe kse'eheho // tsmhae-ta'e-xo'emanevse nhe'xvva 
follow him, this girl as they had planned she would follow him at that time

staohkenonts'ash'e'ovhoono staohkema'xeaseohtshohoono hovaestse 
(assuming that was her boyfriend).  He would take her way out, they would

staohkhetsheevovhkeohtshehoono //.  n-kse'eheho ta'se 
meander all over.  After the girl 

htaevoneotstsesstse no'ka taa'eva m'hteameohtshohevhe //.
had gotten lost he would travel all night with her.

     naa nhe'e hnhhe tsa'e hk'e v'h'se mx-hoto- 
     And then somewhere way out away from (camp) he 

mhno'no'kstanovhhe nhhe mx-hoto- mstaohkho'eohtshohevhe 
lived alone, there is where he would take 

n-kse'eheho //. tstanheeaseohtshose (ms)taohkeno'aseohhenothe //.  
the girl.  Those that he took he would run away with them.

nhe'e hnhhe htaho'eohtshosstse m'htemananhhe 
Then after he got them over there he would make a sweatlodge, 

m'hte-maome-manstshhe m'hte-hnhhe-seotshohevhe m'hte- 
he would make a sweatlodge.  He would take them in there and 

thhe hotm'e nhhe mstaohthotse'he'tovhevhe mstaohketshetshevhe 
there inside (the sweatlodge) he would work on them, he would cut them 

tshhe hestseneva mstaohke-nhetshevhe hp'e tsheev'honnse, tahta 
here by their mouth, he would cut them just like he had protruding teeth, 

hevestse ohkxaetetheeetsnsesttse mstaohkenhee- 
their teeth would protrude out into the open.  He would

-nheepo'xomvhenovhe -po'xomvhhe hestse nhe tshetoo- 
cut them, (correction) cut them like that on their mouth, those 

tstho'eotshose kse'eheho ___ mstaohkevsev'honenhevhe //.  naa 
that he had brought, the girls, so they likewise all had protruding teeth.  And 

htaenhee- htav'nhe-hotoo- hotoo- hv'nhe'tovosstse 
after, after, after he would do that to them

mstaohkenpa-nonhpa-hetoo-vae'stshe'htshevhe m'hketanhehevhe heva 
it would cause them to be afraid of going back (home), they were ashamed so 

nhhe mstaohkenevse-hetoo-vstoemaehevhe //.
they just stayed there and became his wives.

     nhe'e no'ka mxhs-hetoo--nstovhevhe kse'ehe naa ksovahe 
     Then once he again heard a girl and young man,

msthsexo'emanhevhe //.
they were making plans.

     "nhe'xvva nhtsenxho'hne," naa mstahstheexo'emanhevhe // 
     "I'll come at a certain time," and so they made their plans.

mstaeahtse'hsevoveho'eohehhe //.  n-kse'ehe mhnxhovhehnhhe // 
(Vo') already arrived first there again.  The girl came out (unsuspecting), 

-hva'xhhe m'hte- // -aseohtshohevhe //.  
came out, he took her away.

(s)taosanhsete-hk'e-taa'eva-ta'ta'voneohtshoono // nhhe ta'e 
they went far away at night, went all night until

ts'ev'netotse.  hnx- vhato- staneotshoo'o hnx- v'hoeots'toe- 
daybreak.  (The girl) stopped, he turned around and looked at her-,

hothtse stamnhne'ennoho tshesanehvhetsse 
then (she) finally figured out that he wasn't the one

n-tsto'semhaeasev'htsmose //.
that she was supposed to go away ("elope") with.

     naa me'-taxa'e-tnvesstse mstae-ta'se-voneotshhe, 
     And what could she do?  (Like) she was already lost, 

mxho'ntavhne'no tsa'e tshnst'tae- tshnxhseaseohtsevse //.
she did not knoow just where they had started from.

     "nheanahe hotoo?" xhetaehoono.  naa tsohkheheanhtove // hotao'o 
     "Are you hungry?" he said to her.  And you know you get hungry.  There 

hnehoono /.  hetamheo'o st-heseven(nse) / hetamheono sthesevenhoono 
were buffaloes.  He took his club (inan.), he took his club (an.), 

stav'nenamhovhoono nhe.  hota'e, hota'e stapoo'enhoo'o //.  
he just made a motion (feinted a clubbing). A buffalo, a buffalo dropped (dead).

statshe'oohhoo'o staanethoono hnx- hotoo- ta'maa he'e naa heststato 
He went over there.  He butchered it.  He--  The liver and kidney(s) 

stapo'evo'shoono stapo'evo'xnoho hetoo na'stse mhte'ko staoevnnoho, 
he cut them (an.) off, he cut off one leg.  He skinned it, 

sta'hom'hehoono /.  (s)tamtsevennoho n-kse'eheho tsheantsese /.  
they ate the marrow.  He gave it to (?) the girl who was hungry.  

ma'eva stav'ene'hannoho hne hsstse tsto'semsvse //.  
He washed what they were going to eat in blood.

__taosanem'semsehe-  "nmheto!  -aseohtshoono ta'mhove'e hnhhe 
They got through eating.  "Let's go!"  They left and he finally 

mstho'eohtshohevhe //.
got her over there.

     naa tse'to-ksovahe mx-heto-mnho'hnhhe naa tsssa-hotoo- ta'se 
     And this young man (boyfriend) came and when she didn't--, like 

mxhoheon'sememhthevhe n-tsto'sevsemhae- tsto'sevstoemose //.  naa 
he really loved this one who he was going to marry.  And 

hp'e hva xhne'enhhe tshee-ta's-hohaemhotaa'se // naa 
he probably knew that she really loved him too.  And 

mxho'nvese-ta'se-e- mxho'n-ta'se-nhnetameotsstse /.  heva 
like he didn't give up.  Like 

mstao'shne'enovhevhe tsa'e tsxhee-hetoo- hnov'tse 
he wanted to find out-- "Just why 

tshssa-hotoo-hva'xe- (correction) (tshssa)hehtoo'e'e'se heva 
didn't she come out   to meet me?" he perhaps 

'vhetanhhe //.  ts'evona'otse ts'amhohtsevse staasthohtshoono 
was wondering.  In the morning their tracks led away,

/ ss'hove- a'e nhhe stanxanhoontse tsamhohtsese vo'staneo'o //.  
suddenly close there there were two people's tracks.  

ss'hovene- -neamhohtshoono nev'sesto / nee hothtse nhe 
Suddenly there were two sets of tracks of somebodies, and here, it was 

n-tsto'semhaeho'n'otshose kse'eheho tsto'sevstoemose naa na'stse 
the (girl) he was going to go after (=marry), goint to marry and another

nev'esstse 'amhohtshoo'o.  mstaasenom'othevhe //.  
somebody else, his tracks went along.  He started tracking them.

(ms)tato'shne'enhhe hnov'tse taxa'e tshe-heto- m'vhetanhhe 
He was wondering what was going on in the tracking,

naa mstanom'othevhe //.
and thus he tracked them.

     hothtse hnhhe stho'nom'othoono n-tshoo'se n-V'honenhe //. 
     Here, he tracked them to where Vo'honenehe lived.

vtsno m'hsexanenhhe //.  mx-hotoo- maome mstahsexanhhe / 
About that time (Vo') had everything ready again.  He had his sweatlodge all

nhhe hotm'e msta-hoto- (mst)hoehhe nhe V'honenhe //.  naa anse 
ready again, he was there inside there, this Vo'honenehe.  And the 

xhohoo'o nhe nhoomahoo'o n-kse'ehe /.  msto'shsetshetshevhe //.
girl was outside, she had her blanket on.  He was going to cut her too.

     nhe'e, naa n-msta-hoto-ho'hohtamhevhe / (s)tam'oeenhoo'o, 
     Then, and this (young man) had caught up to them, he was lying down peeking

taxa'e nme'tatne- nme'tatne-hetoo-va-hotoo-hsevenosstse?" 
over the hill, "How can I--?  How can I get her back?"

mxhestamhevhe nhe n-tse- n-kse'eheho tsmhotose // "taxa'e 
he was wondering about the girl that he loved.  "How

nme'ne'va-tne- tshhe mxhetanhhe.
can I-- here?" he wondered.

     mo''ha hm'eeenasstse, "taxa'e ntatshe'ohe ntaons-hotoo-," 
     A magpie alighted, "Let's see, let me go, let me try--,"

mxhehhe //.
he said.

     "nmonh'e," xheto- staosanethee'hoohhoo'o / mo''ha //
     "Go ahead!" he (said to him?).  The magpie flew over there.

     (mhnx)hhneemhaehevhe nhe V'honenheho //.  "taasstse!  xse 
     Vo'honenehe already caught on to his trick.  "Go away!  Go somewhere 

taetshe'ohtsstse!" hnxhetaehoono //. ___ turn it off.  (click)
else!"  he told him.  (Turn it (tape recorder) off.  CLICK)

     nhe'e tshne'evaase'hooese nhe / mo''ha //, tssthtse.
     Then after the magpie flew away, he (magpie) did not succeed.

     nhe'e 'khme xhse-, "ntatshe'ohe nta-hetoo- nne- 
     Then a coyote again-, "Let me go, let me-,

nths-honsto'etahe.  hp'e nhtsene'onsevhaseoh'tvo."  
let me go try.  Let me go try and see if I can bring her back."

(s)taosanhseetshe- -ho'matneohtshoo'o n-'-'khme /.  
He went over there, -sniffing around, this coyote.

xhsemhaehoono, xse taetshe'ohtsstse!  tshhe nnhv'etshe'ohtse!" 
(Vo') caught on to him too, "Go somewhere else!  Don't come over here!"

/ hnxhshetaehoono //.  o'hkevhaevhoono //.  (h)ne'vhsease- 
he told him.  (Vo') would call them (?) by name.  (Vo') chased

-asev'e'ehoono /.
him away.

     nhe'e ms-ta'se-xaeetstanotshhe, n-ksovahe, "taxa'e 
     Then like the young man was troubled, "Let's see, 

how can I-?"

     nhe'e stsema'e hnsanhsho'eohhoo'o, "nta- nne'vhesevno nhe 
     Then a gopher arrived, "Let me-, go get her,

nne'v-hotoo-n'ooh'tvo," xheto- / "htno'e nhtaamtne," xhesstse //.  
I'll go bring her back," he (said to him?).  "I'll dig underground," he said.

mnme'hvooma," xhe(sstse).
"He won't see me," he said.

     "nmonhe'e."  staosanease-htno'e-amtanhoo'o //.  nhhe 
     "Go ahead."  He started digging underground.  Right where 

tsstaehoetsse nhhe mstataeho'tanhhe mhnxhsevenhevhe mhne'v- 
she was sitting he dug right to there, he got her, he brought 

vho'eoh'tovhoono nhhe / n-ksovahe tsx-hetoo-tonomaevse //.
her right over there to where the young man was waiting for them.

     naa tse'tohe V'honenhe mstaexanenhhe.  //  nmonhe'e!  
     And this Vo'honenehe was all ready, "Let's go!

vnahstshnstse nexanne!" (s)thehhoo'o // oxsta 
Come on in, I am ready!" he called out from (inside).  (Her) 

xhetshetohoono / hema nhhe tsto- (s)tavhshe''koeotshoo'o. 
blanket was just sitting up there.  He peeked out again.

"'nexanne!' nheve. nss'nn- nss'hstshnstse!" oxsta xhee- //.
"'I'm ready', I said.  Come on in!"  It (blanket) just kept (standing).

     nhe'e stamomta'eotshoo'o, st-heto- //  "aa!  'nexanne!' 
     Then he got angry,    Oh my, 'I'm ready', 

nheve.  nhnevhnstse!"  stheoheta'hoo'o statshe'ohhoo'o, 
I said.  Hurry up and come!  He got up and came out.  He went over there, 

stams-tsheta'hamhoono nhe tsto- hoemaho ///.
he started jerking that (?) blanket.

     hothtse xhovneehhoono //, tse'tohe stsema'e 
     Here, she was gone, this gopher 

mstaevaaseoh'tovhevhe //.  ho'___(?) (h)momta'eotshoo'o //.  naa 
had already taken her back.  He became very angry.  And his (Vo''s) club had

mh-ma'henevhhe // hetamheono.  "naa tsa'e tse'hasevtse."    
power.  "Woe unto you!" (Vo' told the club to go after them in anger.)

-ame'hoohhoo'o staase'hoohhoo'o 'hkeonma'o'e'hoohhoo'o / 
(Vo') flew (with the sacred club), he started flying, he flew after them in

(ms)to'senhtsooh'toehevovhe ts'amhohtsevse //.
in lateral circles, he was going to go search for them where their tracks were.

     naa nhhe hne mato ntsa'vhne'enhe tshe'tvse /, tse'tohe 
     And here this also I don't know (remember) what this 

ksovahe tsthee- mtatn-hetoo-h'thnhevhe / 
young man did to him (to win), he somehow beat him,

thetoo-ta'se-vonanhevhe //.
he somehow did away with him.

     tsstaenheevonanse n-mxhoto-n-kse'eheho nhhe 
     After he did away with him there were 

m'ta'hohestxhevhe mhma'xemhehoehevhe /, hmhev'honensesto //.
many young women there, they were all there, they all had protruding teeth.

     naa nhe'e hp'e m'vavana- -manaovhevhe /.  naa nhhe 
     And then likewise (this young man) made a sweatlodge, he made a sweatlodge

(m')vaseotshohevhe // (h) ne'hkevhe-hotoo- tsmhaehethtsenvse 
for them.  And he took them in there.  They would come out like they were (on 

nesta 'hkevanhesthoono, 'hksa'vav'honenhehoono //.  
the mouth?) before, previously they would be that way, they did not have 

(h)ne'vamheaseohtshohoono //.
protruding teeth anymore.  He brought them all back from there.

     naa n-mto tanhe'stse //.
     And that is the ending of this (story) also.

Mr. Risingsun recorded this story in 1986.

The slashes (/) mark pauses. // would be a longer pause than /.

This text was first published in Nvho'htsme / We are going back home: Cheyenne history and stories told by James Shoulderblade and others, edited by Wayne Leman. Memoir 4. Winnipeg: Algonquian and Iroquoian Linguistics. Copyright 1987. Used by permission.

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