The Trek from Oklahoma

by Ralph Redfox

[This text was interlinearized with the IT (Interlinear Text) processing program. The first line \tx of each record contains the Cheyenne Text. The second line \mr contains the Morphophonemic Representation of the Cheyenne. The third line \mg contains the Morpheme Glosses (translations) of the Cheyenne lines. Following each set of lines for a Cheyenne sentence is the \ft, Free Translation, line. For further explanations of the symbols, including the linguistic abbreviations, read the comments on the Rolling Head story.]


\ref TREK clause 1

\tx Ttseha  m'aseehstovhanhe.
\mr ttseha  m -h  -aseehe   -htove -han-    h
\mg long.ago

\ft Long ago the camp was moved.

\ref TREK clause 2

\tx Mstho'eehstovhanhe                               Hevhetanno.
\mr m -h  -ta      -ho'   -eeh     -htove -han-    h  hevahe-tane  -n
\mg roped  -person-place

\ft They arrived in Oklahoma.

\ref TREK clause 3

\tx Vo'staneo'o m'ashomhthhevhe               naa
\mr vo'stane-o  m -h  -ase  -homhtahe-h -vo -h  naa
\mg person   -PL DUB-PST-start-be.sick   -NEG-3PL-NEG and

\tx mxheanhtovhanhe.
\mr m -h  -hean   -htove -han    -h

\ft People started to be sick and there was hunger.

\ref TREK clause 4

\tx Tsnxh'htsvse            hotao'o
\mr ts-neh-h'ohts       -v -s hot  -o
\mg CJT-CIS-come.from.there-3PL-3 buffalo-PL

\tx mss'henohehevhe.
\mr m -h  -s'  -henohe    -h -vo -h
\mg DUB-PST-still-be.plentiful-NEG-3PL-NEG

\ft Where they had come from buffaloes were still plentiful.

\ref TREK clause 5

\tx Ma'hhkseho   naa hetaneo'o naa
\mr ma'hhkesh-o  naa hetane-o  naa
\mg    -PL and man   -PL and

\tx ksovaheho
\mr ksovahh-o
\mg -PL

\tx m'hkem'etan'tovhevovhe.
\mr m -h  -ohke -m'etan-'tov-  -h -vo -vo -h

\ft The old men and the men and the young men remembered (the buffaloes).

\ref TREK clause 6

\tx M'vho'htstanhevhe.
\mr m -h  -va -ho'hts-tan-h -vo -h
\mg DUB-PST-back-go.home  -want-NEG-3PL-NEG

\ft They wanted to go back home.

\ref TREK clause 7

\tx Ntxv'h'e        ho'namhtvhtse
\mr ntaxe -v'h'e      ho'n  -amahta-v -ht
\mg warrior-whiteman:PL  DUB:NEG-agree -3PL-3

\tx naa mhn$hoohtovaaseehehevhe
\mr naa m -h  -n$e-hoohtova-aseehe   -h -vo -h
\mg but DUB-PST-CONT-anyway

\ft The soldiers didn't agree but they left anyway.

\ref TREK clause 8

\tx Ntxv'h'e        mhnhoehevovhe
\mr ntaxe -v'h'e      m -h  -nhov-ae -h -vo -vo -h
\mg warrior-whiteman:OBV DUB-PST-chase-INV-NEG-3PL-3PL-NEG

\tx tshne'vaameohtsvse.
\mr ts-h  -neh-va -ameohts-v -s
\mg CJT-PST-CIS-back-go.along-3PL-3

\ft The soldiers pursued them as they came back.

\ref TREK clause 9

\tx Ho'nnxhohtamaevse                ta'e
\mr ho'n  -neh-hohtam       -ae -v -s ta'e
\mg DUB:NEG-CIS-overtake-s.o.-INV-3PL-3 until

\tx ts'$evho'eehvse.
\mr ts-h  -$e    -va -ho'eehe-v -s
\mg CJT-PST-already-back-arrive -3PL-3

\ft They did not overtake them until they arrived back (home).

\ref TREK clause 10

\tx Mhnanehevovhe                      ntxv'h'e.
\mr m -h  -nanov    -ae -h -vo -vo -h  ntaxe -v'h'e
\mg DUB-PST-recognize-INV-NEG-3PL-3PL-NEG warrior-whiteman:OBV

\ft The soldiers made peace with them.

\ref TREK clause 12

\tx Hena'hanhe htshhe
\mr hena'hanhe htshhe
\mg   here

\tx tshsevo'stanhvtse.
\mr ts-hse  -vo'stanhve-ts
\mg CJT-REASON-live         -1PL

\ft That's why we live here.

\ref TREK clause 13

\tx h'the   ho'e n'ennone.
\mr h'the   ho'e n-'en-  -n -ne
\mg this.INAN land 2 -own -FTI-FTI-1PL:INCL

\ft We own this land.

This story was first published in a different format in the book Cheyenne Texts: An Introduction to Cheyenne Literature, copyright 1980, used here by permission.

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